Christmas Hams

Order your Ham for Christmas, and reserve your delivery date!

A Christmas ham makes an impressive and delicious centrepiece for your table.

We have chosen Multi Award Winning Country Victualler as our Ham supplier this Christmas. Country Victualler produce a wide range of hams including their signature ham the Alderton, of which they are proud to remain the sole producer.  Each ham is cured and cooked in a different way to ensure a unique taste.

They source the highest quality pork from a local farm within 6 miles who specialise in breeding and rearing traditional pigs outdoors, where they have plenty of space in which to roam, root and wallow. All of the pork is from gilts and has a good layer of fat without it being excessive, so that the meat is always flavoursome. This results in ham which is succulent and full of flavour just like it used to be in the days of old.