Blue Cheese

Rumour has it a drunk cheese maker created blue cheese by leaving a hunk of bread where he was maturing his cheese. The ripening mould changed the cheese into a blue cheese…

Nowadays producers spike their cheeses with stainless steel rods to allow oxygen into the cheese encouraging the mould to grow.  The depth of the blue vein and the flavour will change hugely depending on how long the cheese matures.  A soft blue such as the Isle of Wight Blue is sold at 4-5 weeks whereas the king of the traditional English blue cheeses, Stilton, is released at around 9 weeks but may be matured for considerably longer.  We are proud to stock Colston Bassett Stilton.

Wine match: A nice drop of red or a glass of port are the more conventional options  but we’re also big fans of a sweet wine such as a Sauternes.