British Potted Game & Meats

Potting – preserving in butter has been used in British cuisine for hundreds of years, not only does the butter preserve the meat, but it also seals in the flavours providing a rich silky finish….

The result is a unique range of products that use the very best of wild British produce. The individual starter/snack sized pots are great for picnics. Serve as a tasty snack spread on hot toast, or a sophisticated starter turned out and served with some crisp lettuce leaves and melba toast. The Potted Game Company is a partnership between two chefs Rory Baxter and Jemima Palmer-Tomkinson who, united by a shared love of British food have added their own contemporary twist to this old fashioned idea.

All Potted Game products are previously frozen and have a shelf life of 14 days – do not refreeze.

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