British Pork Pies

Covid- 19 Update: We are currently experiencing some supply issues with pork pies which we expect to resolve in the coming days. Thank you for your patience.


Featured in the Saturday Telegraph Magazine, the humble Pork Pie is one of Britain’s best loved foods.  These however are not humble pork pies, they're the best we've tasted, the pinnacle of pie-making achievement....  From the hand-raised pork pie which has 16 different stages to complete before it even reaches the oven, to the classic pork & stilton, or the best-selling jellyless Huntsman pie topped with chicken and stuffing, this range has something for every pie lover.

They are produced by Adams & Harlow in Lincolnshire using only the very best ingredients and 100% quality British Pork.  George Adams and Dick Harlow were the founding fathers of rival pork pie businesses in Lincolnshire.  A hundred years later they are now united under the new brand, Adams & Harlow, led by their mutual granddaughters Mary and Lizzi, resulting in simply fantastic pork pies..... TUCK IN & ENJOY!

All pies have a minimum shelf life of 5 days and can be frozen for up to 3 months.

Please note: All our pies are made fresh to order and therefore it is not possible to provide a next-day delivery option or delivery on a Monday or Tuesday.  For further delivery information, please call 01892 890690.