British Hams

There's supermarket ham, and then there's the proper stuff.  We source our hams from two Royal warrant holders - Dukeshill Hams & R B Woodall....

Our most popular ham is the Wiltshire ham which is traditionally cured in brine.  York ham is dry-cured and matured for 3 months and the stunning Shropshire Black ham is dry-cured then immersed in a vat of molasses & juniper!

Our wonderful air-dried ham comes from Waberthwaite in Cumbria, and has a unique mellow flavour developed over 12 months. (R B Woodall also make a mean Cumberland sausage).

Wine Match: Medium-bodied, fruity reds such as Pinot Noir are great with ham.  For air-dried hams try a light aromatic white such asPinot Grigio, or Fino Sherry.

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Unique mellow flavour
A must for any sandwich!
Our most popular ham!
Our most popular ham!
The quintessential English ham
A show piece for any table
An exquisite ham that Holds The Royal Warrant
Beautifully succulent
Unique and special