British Salamis

Salamis are dry-cured within their skins over a lengthy period of time. Originating from Italy, Salami was produced as a means of ensuring a consistent meat supply because it can be stored at room temperature....

Historically, almost all types of meat are used depending on availability, and we are delighted to offer Wild Boar and Pork Salamis from Trealy Farm and Venison Salamis from Great Glen Game.  Once sliced, (or packets opened) salamis should be stored in the fridge.

Wine Match: Medium bodied reds such as a Berry's New Zealand Pinot Noir work beautifully with charcuterie; however, we’re also partial to a nice Fino Sherry.

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Just the right amount of spice!
Awarded 'Charcuterie Product of the Year' at the 2013 Great Taste Awards.