Wild Boar Salami with Sloe Gin



This version of the Wild Boar Company multi-award winning whole salami has it all, a mix of slow growing wild boar; spicy, fruity, meaty and boozy, with a dry finish and a hint of that infamous warming glow.  This is a great treat for any charcuterie fan.

Product and producer information
Simon & Louisa Gaskell live and farm on the edge of the Cotswolds.  Wild boar are a native species and an integral part of the ecology of any woodland.  Three hundred years ago wild boar were hunted out of Britain.  The boar are of Polish and German origin and live in two family groups (known as sounders) with one boar per sounder.  The boarlets are weaned at about four months and then separated into male and females so that they can concentrate on growing and not engaging in any funny business!  The boar take up to eighteen months to mature. 

Top Tip
Slice the salami into fine slices with a sharp knife & enjoy with our Sloe Motion Gin (Found in the Cellar!).  

Weight: 400g


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