A regional classic, perfect for cheese boards! Try our irresistible and luxurious flavour options.

Made by Andrew Shorrock in Goosnargh near Preston, the Lancashire Bomb Cheese is a true regional classic. Matured for 24 months it has a wonderfully creamy texture and strong mature flavour, a proper Tasty Lancashire Cheese. It is wrapped in muslin and dipped into wax creating a distinctive cheese like no other. The Shorrock family have been producing this cheese since 1923, and Andrew has been making the bomb since the mid 80s when a friend moved to America & begged him to send some cheese. It is fabulous on a cheese board when you have friends for dinner or Sunday lunch, alternatively keep it for yourself and enjoy it with a nice glass or red wine!

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Lancashire Bomb Cheese
The original creamy, mature Lancashire Bomb
A truly delicious cheese with a kick!
Delicious on crusty bread or in a Ploughmans
Smoked Lancashire Bomb Cheese
Flavoursome and great with a glass of red wine!
Cracked Black Pepper Lancashire Bomb Cheese
A popular choice at the farmers' markets
Garlic And Herbs Lancashire Bomb Cheese
Slice off the top and scoop with a spoon!
Whisky Lancashire Bomb Cheese
Perfect for those that enjoy a wee dram!
Full-bodied flavour