British Hard Cheeses

A slang term from the 19th century meaning bad luck (because it meant you had the old stuff), nothing could be further from the truth with these beauties...

With traditional classics like Double Gloucester & Red Leicester, and more modern cheeses like Lincolnshire Poacher, hard cheeses form the backbone of a great Ploughman’s. Serve with dollops of chutney.

Wine match: full bodied, mature reds like a Rioja or Claret. If enjoying a Ploughman’s try with a full-bodied ale.

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Lancashire Bomb Cheese
The original creamy, mature Lancashire Bomb
Subtle buttery, yet tangy flavour
Delicious crumbly texture
Keens Cheddar Cheese
Subtle nutty flavour
Westcombe Cheddar Cheese
Strong flavour (slightly peppery)
Creamy with a velvety texture
Multi Award Winner
Montgomery Cheddar Cheese
The King of Cheddars!
Soft and fruity flavour
Spiced Apple And Port Lancashire Bomb Cheese
A festive & wonderful flavour!
Red Onion Lancashire Bomb Cheese
Delicious on crusty bread or in a Ploughmans
Strawberries And Champagne Lancashire Bomb Cheese
Enjoy with a glass of Champagne or a glass of Rosé!
Cracked Black Pepper Lancashire Bomb Cheese
A popular choice at the farmers' markets
Green Olive Bomb Cheese
A fabulous combination