Montgomery's Cheddar



A stonkingly good cheese, this rich and nutty cheese is the king of Cheddars. This stunning Montgomery Cheddar cheese is unpasteurised and made with traditional rennet. 

Weights available are 200g, 500g and 1kg.

Producer Information:

Jamie Montgomery is the third generation of his family to make this exceptional cheese near Yeovil in Somerset. Montgomery Cheddar is made by hand seven days a week to ensure the freshness of the milk and uses the same strains of starter culture first employed when the family started cheese making 70 years ago. Once made, the cheese is wrapped in cloth and matured for a minimum of 12 months. This adherence to traditional methods has resulted in numerous accolades including Supreme Champion at the 2004 British Cheese Awards and Best Cheddar at the 2006 British Cheese Awards. In 2009 Mature Montgomery's Cheddar won a gold medal at the World Cheese Awards.

It is also one of a small and exclusive list of British foods to be awarded Protection of Designated Origin (PDO) status. To be called West Country Farmhouse Cheddar the cheeses must: 

  • Be made using milk from local herds reared and milked in the counties of Somerset; Dorset; Devon or Cornwall. This ensures that the cheese has a particular texture and flavour.
  • Contain no colouring; no flavouring and no preservatives.
  • Be made in these four counties to traditional methods. These methods include the cheese being made by hand and the unique process known as cheddaring.


Key Facts

  • Made with unpasteurised milk so not advised for consumption when pregnant
  • Made with traditional animal rennet
  • No colouring
  • No flavouring
  • No preservatives


Temperature Controlled Delivery

Following extensive testing, our packaging has been certified to maintain food at fridge temperature for 48 hours.

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