Quality British Cheddar Cheeses

The nation’s most popular cheese, Cheddar accounts for more than half of all cheese sold in Britain. However, not all cheeses are created equal....Our artisan cheddars, Montgomery, Keen’s, and Westcombe are three Artisan Somerset Cheddars, awarded Protection of Designated Origin (PDO) status. To be called West Country Farmhouse Cheddar the cheeses must:

Be made using milk from local herds reared and milked in the counties of Somerset; Dorset; Devon or Cornwall. This ensures that the cheese has a particular texture and flavour.
Contain no colouring; no flavouring and no preservatives.
Be made in these four counties to traditional methods. These methods include the cheese being made by hand and the unique process known as cheddaring.

Wine Match: For white wines we think a nice full bodied, rich Chardonnay like Chablis or for reds, a punchy full bodied Claret or Rioja.

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Subtle nutty flavour
Strong flavour (slightly peppery)
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The King of Cheddars!
Mature yet creamy taste
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