About The Ice Rewards Programme

What is Ice?

Ice is a great new customer reward programme whose mission is to mitigate climate change via mass consumer purchase power.  The big Idea is that by changing small things we do and buy every day, together we can minimise harm to the environment, help mitigate climate change and preserve the ice caps.

How Does It Work?

Like other reward schemes, you can collect points with your purchases. With us, you can collect 3 Ice points for every £2.00 spent. To spend your points, the rate is 2p per Ice point up to 20 points, and 1p per point over 20.

Why have Britishfinefoods joined Ice?

In the words of Pam Harper, "Both Ice and Britishfinefoods.com attract customers who care HOW they spend their money. Shopping for our customers is not just about buying quality food but also supporting British producers. By shopping with us our customers get access to Britain’s best small producers in one single environmentally friendly and convenient delivery. It is Important to us that our customers enjoy the best shopping experience possible. By joining Ice we are now able to offer an added incentive to shop with us."

You will always get the same price from the partner as if you went direct, but by coming via myice.com you will be able to collect or use your points to get money off your purchase. There are no catches: simply combine points with cash or card payment to obtain a discount, or pay in full.