New Home Gifts

Whether buying for the first time or relocating into a new home, moving is a massive upheaval.  Our range of new home housewarming gifts is designed to provide a little succour in the madness!

Send your loved ones a box of oven-ready pies, or a bottle of English Fizz to celebrate, or fill the fridge with some fabulous artisan cheeses.  Just remember not to send anything to add to the workload!

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Delicious treats for a Picnic
2 x Chicken & Tarragon Pies, 2 x Honeyed Venison Pies, 2 x Scotch Onion Pies
2 x Mediterranean Vegetables Pies, 2 x Butter Bean Pies, 2 x Cheese & Onion Pies
A traditional picnic at its best
Everything you need for a cheese feast!
When you just can't decide!
The finest of wines and the best quality foods
Luxurious and delicious
A feast fit for a King & Queen!
A tastebud treat!
Hand-picked Best of British