Three-Bird Roasts

 A stunning centrepiece to your Christmas table, a Three Bird Roast is simple to cook and easy to carve. The multi bird roasts are all meat and no bones and stuffed with sausagemeat.  A 2.5 kilo bird will feed around 6-8 people based on a chicken breast sized serving.

We source our fantastic Three Bird Roasts from the free-range meat specialists, Devon Rose, whose meats are known for their tender and succulent taste. With a history and reputation of excellence, Devon Rose select our meats on the basis of welfare, purity, taste and eating quality.  Their ethos is "No" To Antibiotics, Additives, Water & Saline Pumping, "Yes" to Free Range, Natural Growth and Feed.

Please note the last order date for a guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery is 9th December.

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