Smoked Sherwood Ham

Gold Winner at the Great Taste Awards.  A wonderfully subtle smoked ham lightly smoked over oak and gently steamed made using the highest quality pork, sourced from a local farm within 6 miles.  The chosen farm specialises in breeding and rearing traditional pigs outdoors, where they have plenty of space in which to roam, root and wallow.

All the pork is from gilts and has a good layer of fat without it being excessive, so that the meat is always flavoursome. This results in ham which is succulent and full of flavour just like it used to be in the days of old.

Size Guide:

Whole hams weigh at least 4.50kg - Serving approx 65-70 generous slices

Half hams weigh at least 2.30kg - Serving approx 30-35 generous slices

Mini Hams weigh at least 1.4kg - Serving approx 20-25 generous slices

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Sherwood Smoked Ham (mini) (min 1.4kg)
Sherwood Smoked Ham (half) (boneless) (min 2.3kg)