Honey Glazed Ham

Deliciously roasted in honey and cloves to give it a sweet aromatic flavour, this ham is sourced from local outdoor-reared pigs.  The pork is succulent and tender with a delicate covering of fat adding to the succulence during cooking, just like ham used to be. Wonderful for special occasions or to have on hand to feed unexpected guests.   Any remaining can be used in a beautiful honey roast ham sandwich.

Size Guide:

Whole hams weigh at least 4.50kg - Serving approx 65-70 generous slices

Half hams weigh at least 2.30kg - Serving approx 30-35 generous slices

Mini hams weight at least 1.40kg - Serving approx 20-25 generous slices

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Clumber Honey Glazed Ham with Cloves (off the bone) (half)