The Producers

Quality British Food
Recognising that everyone has different tastes we’ve decided to mainly stock products that have been lauded by the Guild of Fine Food, an
independent body whose Great Taste Awards honour the best products in the food industry. Our suppliers are generally winners of a Gold Great Taste Award or, alternatively, are holders of a royal warrant. That said, some suppliers are too small to enter the awards, but are too good to omit, so we’ve included some of these too!

We have listed below examples of some of the very best British producers we are proud to work with....

Andrew Shorrock Cheese - The legendary Lancashire Bomb! (Pictured on home page!)
This is a cheese very close to our hearts - this is a cheese that was always on our Cheese Board favourite in both our families when growning up in Lancashire!

Made with pasteurised milk from his own herd of Holstein Freisian cows, Andrew Shorrock is the fourth generation of his family to make this exceptional tasty Lancashire in Goosnargh near Preston. In 1938 Shorrocks Tasty Lancashire won the renowned Preston Open Cheese Fair beating all-comers at a time when every farm was making cheese. Since the early 20th century the same traditions and the dedication of one family have resulted in a fantastic example of a true regional classic.

Pyman Pâtés
Pyman Pâtés are traditionally handmade and contain no additives, artificial flavourings or colourings, and all pâtés are free range
and gluten free. They are made from the finest natural ingredients that the West country can offer, with a guaranteed 60%
content. This means that, if you purchase a Pyman chicken-liver pâté, it will contain 60% chicken livers. There will be no bulking
out with other ingredients as occurs with some other pâtés on the market.

Dukeshill hams, bacon and cured meats are made by hand at Dukeshill. Dukeshill use traditional curing methods almost lost
in this day and age, which together with lengthy maturation, means the hams have a superlative flavour and texture. The result
is a far cry from the mass-produced tasteless ham found in most supermarkets. Dukeshill holds a Royal Warrant for
supplying the Queen.

Salar Smokehouse
Served at the gala dinner at the opening of the Scottish Parliament, Salar Smokehouse is one of Rick Steins ‘Food Heroes’.
In 2007, Salar Smokehouse won the prestigious Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Award for Food.

Inverawe Smokehouse
Inverawe Smokehouse ensure their salmon are sea-reared from small independent farms where fish husbandry and low density stocking is paramount. The smoking process takes place in traditional, slow-curing brick kilns over real oak log fires with no
additives or preservatives and definitely no shortcuts. Inverawe Smokehouses holds a Royal Warrant for supplying the Queen.

Richard Woodall
Awarded the Royal Warrant to supply traditional Cumberland sausage, Cumberland hams and bacon to the Queen.
Richard Woodall manages its own herd of 180 breeding cows, housed in straw-filled barns with natural light and fresh air.
The animals have permanent access to a large outdoor area, providing freedom of movement and exercise.

Founded in 1998 by Christian Gilmour. Gilly's are best known for thier incredible Gilly's Balsamic Dressings. We are proud to exclusively provide the mail order service for Gilly's.