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Quite simply, the best hot pies we have tasted!
6 x Gourmet Pies from Simple Simon's Perfect Pie Factory. Each pie serves 1-2 people

  • 2 x Aberdeen Angus Beef and Mushroom Pie
  • 2x Haddock Pie with White Wine and Creamy Leek Sauce
  • 2x Organic Lamb with Crab Apple & Mint

Created by hand in Biggar outside Edinburgh by Bernard Alessi and his team these pies will satisfy even the most particular pie lover. Lined with a layer of steamed potato and generously filled with the finest ingredients a Simple Simon's Pie is a real treat. All pies are fresh and suitable for freezing and simply require 25-30 minutes in the oven at 180C. A pie box for pie lovers!

This very special pie box includes:

Aberdeen Angus Beef and Mushroom Pie
A rich, intensely tasty pie dish. Organic prime Lanarkshire beef is ever so slowly casseroled with mushrooms, chopped onion, and red wine, then baked to perfection in a pie. It’ll make your taste buds tingle.

Haddock Pie with Creamy Leek Sauce
All fresh fish-lovers will fall for these delectable pies. Simple Simon crafts them with undyed and fresh fillets of North Sea haddock, gently poached in a leek and white wine sauce. This is flavoured with Tayside grown dill and parsley and finished with double cream.

Lamb with Crab Apple and Mint
Organic black faced lamb from Easton Farm is marinated in olive oil, white wine, carrots, onions and rosemary, casseroled, then finished with crab apple, mint and red currant jelly, placed on a bed of steamed potato and encased in light puff pastry.