Dukeshill Cooked Shropshire Black Ham -  Ham On The Bone

Dukeshill Cooked Shropshire Black Ham On The Bone

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The Shropshire Black Ham is unique. Made exclusively by Dukeshill to a recipe created by Lord Bradenham back in 1781, like the York ham this is a dry cured ham. Its distinctive black rind develops from a fortnight marinading in a special mix of molasses, juniper and spices. The hams are then left to mature for three months during which time they develop their distinctive salty sweet flavour. This ham will appeal to those looking for something special. It has the drier texture of a dry cured ham but also a subtle sweetness.

Size Guide:
Half Ham min 2.6kg                        (Approx 30-35 generous slices)
Whole Hams: min 5.7kg                (Approx 65-70 generous slices)

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Additional details:

These hams freeze well for up to 3 months.

Leave hams in their vacuum packaging until you are ready to use them.

Carving Tip:To make carving easier remove the blackened skin before slicing.