Chef's Collection - Damian Allsop (220g)

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Damian Allsop specializes in making luxury handmade chocolates, using spring water, which gives the chocolates a purer, lighter and fresher taste unlike any other. Served in some of the country's top Michelin starred restaurants, five- star hotels and exclusive food outlets, this is chocolate like you've never tasted before.

Included in this selection: Box of 12 water based ganaches: (two of each)
* Rhubarb and Rose
* Juniper and Lemon
* Liquorice and Lime
* Basil Leaf
* Pear and Anise
* Banana & Passion Fruit

Further information: To release individual characters from each variety of chocolate this collection is made with our secret water based recipe, making this an incredible cacao journey. Also includes the amazing raw cacao from Ecuador, made with a process that respects the antioxidant and nutritional value that you can only metabolize using our recipe.