Devon Tender Rib of Beef on the Bone

Devon Tender Rib of Beef on the Bone

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The best of British Sunday Roast!

This succulent beef is traditionally reared in a time honoured fashion on lush West Country pastures. Hung for a minimum of 28 days

Size Guide: 400g per person

Approx 3kg                 Serves 8

Approx 5kg                 Serves 12

Fresh & Suitable for home freezing

Further information:
We select our meats on the basis of welfare, purity, taste and eating quality. With a history and reputation of excellence Davon Rose excels every time. We ensure that we deal with companies that operate in an ethical and rural friendly manner. These are companies who have a like-minded eye on the holistic approach to farming. That means you can be assured that traditional methods and environmentally friendly practices are consistently applied. Our meat comes from animals pure bred and reared on pasture land. Grown free range our meats are known for their tender and succulent taste. We say "No" To Antibiotics, Additives, Water & Saline Pumping. We say "Yes" to Free Range, Natural Growth and Feed.